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Available Plastics manufacturers PVC for a variety of uses. In addition to selling large quantities of pipe and tube to industrial customers, we also manufacture PVC for end uses ranging from retail displays to central vacuum tubing to pool and spa products. Our pipe and tube product lines are shown below. Chances are... if it can be made from PVC, we can do it!
PVC towel racks and  pool susstems

Vacuum tubing manufacturing

Duracore PVC and plastic  core manufacturing
Pool & Spa Products Vacuum Tubing Plastic Cores

PVC and plastic pipe fittings

Display Worx sign and banner display systems

PVC store fittings and materials

PVConstructables Connectors Hanging Banner Systems

The PVC Store

Available Plastics, Inc.
5020 Beechmont Drive
Huntsville, Alabama 35811
(800) 633-7212 - (256) 859-4957 - Fax: (256) 851-7723